Corks and set net on the shore, tarps and buoys on the floor. Awake at five, coffee on the boat, sea gulls chatter as they gloat. Rod and reel from a boat? Not this time when corks can float. Buoys, buoys everywhere, sand and fish scales in my hair. Fishy, fishy, swim this way, so you can be my next fillet. Bobbing seals standing by, to snatch my salmon as I cry. Reds and silvers everywhere, stay away from that black bear!  Rain has drenched my heart and soul. Tugging line, Ouch! Getting old. Tide has changed, the fish swim in. Our little net is full of fin.  Setnet4  

Humpback whale blows nearby, his sea spray hangs, touching the sky. Now blows the gale, no, not this way—as eight foot waves roll through the bay.                                                                                                   

Another whale fluke just dove, as Otter Rock protects the cove. As high tide brings a flood of fish, to fulfill our freezer’s wish,  An eagle lifts one from the sea, the salmon struggles to be free. The day is gone, the sun has set, we pull the ropes, bring in our net. One final gift the sea did send: A large king salmon! Now  THE END Setnet 3 King Salmon

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Written by Lois Paige Simenson

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