Are Alaskan cruises nice?

Are Alaskan cruises rough?

Alaska. Rough Waters: The majority of sailing on an Alaska cruise is done in the protected waters of the Inside Passage, but ships sailing to Seward, Whittier or Anchorage must cross the Gulf of Alaska, which is much rougher. Cruise staffers say the gulf gets especially bad after Labor Day, in the shoulder season.

What is it like cruising to Alaska?

We read, relaxed and watched the endless beautiful scenery. We saw more whales than I can count and it was the most relaxing cruise that we have been on even though it had a LOT of port days. You are definitely kept hopping on Alaskan cruises, especially on the 7 day one we took.

What is the best month to take an Alaskan cruise?

While the state is beautiful during any season, the best time to cruise Alaska is between May and September. Between these months, there is an average of zero inches of snowfall in Juneau and Anchorage. The days are longer than they are in the winter, and there’s usually much more to do.

Are Alaskan cruises expensive?

A 7-night Alaska Cruise can cost anywhere from $500 per person to $5000+ per person, depending on the type of cruise ship and your choice of stateroom. … Alaska self-drive tours with a rental car, moderate hotels, and a few excursions are usually a bit less expensive at around $250 per person per day.

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What is the cheapest month to cruise to Alaska?

While the most popular time to travel to Alaska on a cruise is June through August, it’s also when it tends to be the most expensive. Instead, McDaniel suggested looking at the shoulder months of May and September, when you can save a little money.

What is so special about an Alaskan cruise?

You’ll Experience Unparalleled Access to Ice and Wildlife

In Alaska, there’s an abundance of glowing blue glaciers and wild animals patrolling the land, air and sea — and you can see them from the comfort of your cruise ship.

How do I prepare for an Alaskan cruise?

44 Must-Have Alaskan Cruise Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

  1. Book a Ship With Somewhere Warm to Swim. …
  2. Don’t Forget to Pack Binoculars. …
  3. Sail on a Ship With Lots of Indoor Things to Do. …
  4. Layer Your Clothes During the Day. …
  5. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen. …
  6. Mosquito Repellent Is Your Friend. …
  7. Sailing From Vancouver?

How long are Alaska cruises?

Most Alaska cruises are 7 days and are either Alaska Inside Passage Cruises that sail roundtrip from Seattle or Vancouver; or, 7 Night Alaska Glacier Cruises sailing south from Anchorage or North from Vancouver.

What months do Alaskan cruises run?

Cruise season in Alaska runs from mid-May to mid-September—but within that time frame, is one time better than another to book your cruise? For a lot of cruisers, mid-June through mid-July is the peak season, because of optimum weather and daylight.