OTTER ROCK, A Debut Fiction Novel, Coming Soon!

Cabin view 2

Otter Rock is a story about quick-witted Rhiann Peterson, an opportunistic loner with high-functioning autism, whose fierce devotion to her best and only friend unwittingly lands her in the crosshairs of a ruthless crime-syndicate. In the process, she stumbles onto a dangerous web of crooked state politics and the coincidental disappearance of the governor’s daughter.

Twenty-eight-year-old Rhiann’s life is upended when her closest friend, Lexi dies in a car accident near Glacier Cove, Alaska. She’s told it’s suicide, but refuses to believe it. Devastated, Rhiann returns home, forced to confront her tragic past in her quest for truth about Lexi’s death. Alaska State Trooper, Dan Lasey, inconveniences her with a speeding ticket, and she’s irritated that he’s the trooper who investigated Lexi’s accident. Yet she must work with him to find answers.

Rhiann risks everything, as she confronts her phobias to fight for survival. She must decide whether to risk loving again, after so long. But can she loosen her clutch of the past, to let in love and take a chance on a hopeful future?

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