Coming Soon…A Historical Fiction Novel Set in Butte, Montana!


The Butte Girls Club

The mile-high Montana copper mining town of Butte, hunkered next to the Continental Divide in the northern Rocky Mountains, is proudly branded ‘Butte, America.’ It’s famous for once being ‘The Richest Hill on Earth’, with copper having streamed from thousands of holes drilled all over town—a place where there was a bar and a church on every street corner in the 50s and 60s.

Butte was notorious for its rough-and-tumble culture, and kids had no choice but to forge their way through. Jo Wolohan navigates her bizarre childhood at a time when mining strikes were common and families didn’t know where their next meal was coming from. The Kennedys rose and fell and there was talk of racing the Russians to the moon.

When Leo Wolohan, Jo’s funny, hardworking, Irish father unexpectedly dies in a Berkeley Pit mining accident, she’s left to her mother, Lilly Wolohan, who is ill-equipped to raise 11-year old Jo. After finding herself a single parent, Lily disconnects from parenthood, causing Jo’s world to unravel into chaos.

Jo must fend for herself and flounders through what’s left of her childhood, relying on her two best friends, Mo and Burnsy. She learns life’s lessons in offbeat ways as she encounters the quirky, idiosyncratic people of Butte who shape her world. She discovers life is a challenge in kid-survival when adults can’t be relied upon, and she can’t stay out of trouble.

This is a story about what happens when kids can’t control their environment and their unstable, unpredictable world doesn’t make sense. In the end, it takes a town to ‘grow’ a kid when life throws unexpected curve balls.

The author narrates Jo and her friends’ naïve and humorous perspectives as a resilient tribute to the human spirit.