Your question: Is Alaska Oconus military?

Is Alaska considered overseas for military?

No, it does not. Alaska and Hawaii are OCONUS (Outside the Contiguous United States), and qualify for special allowances within the military, but are not considered overseas for tax purposes.

Does Alaska count as Oconus?

OCONUS adds a word outside and means “outside contiguous United States.” But OCONUS does not mean foreign countries; it specifically refers to states and U.S. territories that are not a part of the continental U.S., such as Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, America Samoa, and U.S. Saipan.

Is Alaska an overseas assignment?

OCONUS: Moves outside the continental U.S. These are typically overseas moves, but also include Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories.

Is Eielson AFB considered overseas?

Eielson Air Force Base sits just southeast of Moose Creek, Alaska and is about a 25 minute car ride from Fairbanks. … Their wing motto is: “Ready to go at fifty below!” An assignment to Eielson AFB, Fort Wainwright, or Fort Greely is considered an overseas tour.

What is bah military?

BAH is an allowance to offset the cost of housing when you do not receive government-provided housing. Your BAH depends upon your location, pay grade and whether you have dependents. BAH rates are set by surveying the cost of rental properties in each geographic location.

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Is Canada a Conus or Oconus?


Country Cognizant Office
Canada DCMA Americas (Canada)
Cayman Islands Tampa Bay Branch Office
Chili Tampa Bay Branch Office
Colombia Tampa Bay Branch Office

Is Alaska and Hawaii considered Oconus?

OCONUS refers to “Outside the Continental United States” or outside of the 48 contiguous United States). Alaska, Hawaii, (States) Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam (US territories) are all considered OCONUS, … U.S. Uniformed Personnel (including Exchange Officers).

What is Oconus salary?

How Much Is Overseas COLA? The average supplement is $300 per month. The basic measurement is a comparison of the difference in average costs related to purchasing essentials in CONUS and at the OCONUS location. It impacts 320,000 members at approximately 600 locations overseas, including Alaska and Hawaii.

How long is Army dwell time?

Generally speaking, officials strive for a median ratio dwell time of 1:2. This means that roughly half of the service members who deploy on a second tour or duty will spent two years or more at home for every year spent deployed. To recap, dwell time is the simply “time off” from deployment.

How long do you stay at your first duty station army?

First-term (those in their first enlistment) enlisted members assigned to a continental (CONUS) U.S. location must have 12 months time-on-station before being eligible to move to an overseas location and must have 24 months time-on-station before being allowed to move to another continental U.S. location.