You asked: What is the inciting incident in Looking for Alaska?

What is the climax in the book Looking for Alaska?

Climax. The climax of this story occurs when one of the main characters, Alaska, dies. After a night spent drinking heavily, she suddenly remembers that it’s the anniversary of her mother’s death. As a child, Alaska had witnessed her mother suffer an aneurysm which she had quickly parished from.

What is the rising action in the book Looking for Alaska?

Rising Action – During a game of drunken truth or dare, Alaska and Miles start fooling around and kissing, and Alaska ends up telling Miles that it will be continued. Climax – Alaska starts panicking in the middle of the night, after kissing Miles, and leaves the dorm room.

What is the setting of Looking for Alaska?

Everything important in Looking for Alaska takes place on campus at the Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama. … This is all true, and there’s a reason that these things happen off campus. But if you really look at the eventsof the novel, the key ones all take place at the Creek or with people from the Creek.

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Does Alaska love Pudge?

But I think there’s a strong case to be made from the story that Pudge and Alaska really loved each other and were in many ways suited to each other. Obviously, one wishes that Pudge could’ve understood the seriousness of Alaska’s pain earlier, and that Alaska could’ve done a better job of reaching out to him.

Why did Alaska have a closed casket?

At the funeral Alaska’s casket is closed, and Miles realizes that he will never see her again. When he asks her father why it’s not open, he tells Miles that Alaska always said she wanted a closed casket because her mother had an open one. Alaska didn’t want anyone to see her dead.

Why did the colonel want to borrow the Eagles breathalyzer?

The Colonel says they need to use the Eagle’s Breathalyzer to find out how drunk Alaska actually was. And because they need alcohol as well, the two go to Takumi. … His job is to keep the Eagle out of the living room so that the Colonel can take the Breathalyzer.

What is happening at the beginning of the story Looking for Alaska?

Miles Halter is tired of his predictable and friendless life (check out the going-away party for him at the beginning of the book), so he decides to attend Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama for his junior year of high school.

Why is it called Looking for Alaska?

Green went through a bunch of working titles (click here and scroll way down for a few of them), but he eventually settled on Looking for Alaska. So it could mean that the characters are looking for Alaska both in the physical and the metaphorical sense. …

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