You asked: What does Alaska celebrate on February 2nd instead of Groundhog Day?

Are there groundhogs in Alaska?

Alaska’s woodchucks are the same species as eastern “groundhogs,” the famed predictors of spring. Woodchucks don’t “chuck wood,” the name woodchuck is an Anglicized version of a Native American word for the animal.

Are there Marmot in Alaska?

The hoary marmot (Marmota caligata), the Alaska marmot (M. broweri), and the woodchuck (M. monax) are the three species of marmots that live in Alaska. The hoary marmot can be found in talus slopes, boulder fields, and rock outcrops in alpine areas of Alaska, south of the Yukon River.

Does a marmot swim?

Although marmots can swim and climb trees, they spend most of their time on the ground—or under it.

Is Groundhog Day Pagan?

It Comes From a European Christian Holiday With Pagan Origins Called ‘Candlemas’ Before its association with Candlemas for early Christians, Groundhog Day began as a pagan holiday. Called “Imbolc”, it was the seasonal turning point in the Celtic calendar.

What is the meaning of the town Punxsutawney?

Punxsutawney History

The town is named for the Delaware Indian term meaning “town of the sandflies.” This town was known for its glassworks, machine shops, silk, planning, flour mills, foundries, and ironworks. Punxsutawney became famous when a movie was made about a groundhog that lives in the town.

Do we have school on Groundhog Day?

Is there school on Groundhog’s Day? Yes, there is school on this day.

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