You asked: Can you bring alcohol on the Alaska Ferry?

Can you bring guns on the Alaska Ferry?


All firearms must be unloaded and ammunition stowed separately from the firearms. Unloaded firearms may be securely locked in passengers’ vehicles.

Can you get on and off the Alaska ferry?

When your ferry stops in a port, you can either get off and walk around for a few hours or drive off and spend a few days. You can get back on the ferry to head elsewhere or keep driving to your own destinations.

How long is the ferry ride to Alaska?

The Alaska Ferry runs 24 hours a day. It takes 36 hours from Bellingham to reach the first stop at Ketchikan. Visitors often disembark in a variety of towns, stay a few nights on land, then continue on the ferry.

How long is the ferry ride from Seattle to Alaska?

Barges travelling from Seattle to Anchorage take about 8-9 days, while barges from Seattle to Fairbanks taking 10-11 days. Barge service is also available from Seattle to Dutch Harbor; Seattle WA to Nome, Dillingham and Bethel.

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How much does it cost to ferry a car from Seattle to Alaska?

As of August 2021, it costs $2,035 to ship a car from Tacoma, WA to Anchorage, AK, and $2,435 to ship an SUV or standard size truck on the same route. If you’re shipping a car the opposite direction, going from Anchorage, AK to Tacoma, WA, it will cost $1,505.

Where do I sleep if I dont have a cabin in Alaska ferry system?

You can sleep most anywhere except the dining room, movie room, bar, main thoroughfares, and anywhere marked as “Authorized Personnel Only.” You have several options for sleeping on the ferry, even if you don’t have a cabin: Tent camping. Solarium sleeping.

Is there WiFi on Alaska ferry?

The ferries do not have WiFi and there were numerous 5-8 hour stretches of absolutely no service while traveling up the Inside Passage.

What should I bring on a ferry?

For your comfort:

  • Insect repellent.
  • Change of clothes – In case you get sprayed, splashed, or dunked.
  • Jacket – Temperatures on the water can be very different than on land.
  • Snacks and beverages – Bring some water to stay hydrated.
  • Hand sanitizer or wipes – Important after handling bait and fish (or just a sandwich).

Is there a senior rate in Alaska ferry system?

Passengers 65 and older, who are traveling between points on the Alaska Marine Highway or Inside Passage, can enjoy discounted fares on the Alaska Ferry System.