Why did Alaska close the Yukon?

Why did the state of Alaska shut down the Yukon river?

Two salmon species have all but disappeared from Alaska’s Yukon River this year, prompting the state to shut down fishing in an effort to save them.

Why is the Yukon river closed to salmon fishing?

The state has no plans to open subsistence fishing for fall chum. That’s because an international treaty governs salmon fishing on the river, and not enough fish will pass through to meet treaty numbers.

Are fish wheels still legal in Alaska?

Under current state regulations, any Alaska resident can get a permit to deploy and then operate a fish wheel in the Copper upstream from the Copper River Bridge.

Why are the king salmon disappearing?

Scientists are concerned that ocean and climatic conditions these last few years, including warmer water temperatures and poor snowpack in the American West, have decimated juvenile king salmon populations and are now worried about the viability of the population.

Can you fish on the Yukon River?

Fishing Information

Residents along the Yukon River have long relied on fish as a staple in diet, food for dogs, and for other subsistence uses. While both nonsalmon fish species and salmon are important for Yukon communities, salmon compromises the bulk of fish harvested each year for subsistence.

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Is the Yukon River closed to salmon fishing?

Fall Season Management Strategy

Yukon River Districts 1-4 have transitioned to fall season management. Subsistence salmon fishing is closed, except for the use of selective gear to target salmon other than Chinook and chum from the Lower Yukon Area through Subdistrict 4-A Lower.

Is the Yukon River open for fishing?

Subsistence fishing is currently open 24 hours a day, seven days per week with 7.5-inch or smaller mesh gillnets.

Is Chitina dipnetting open?

By regulation, the Chitina personal use dipnet fishery is open 7 days a week, September 1–30. The 2021 Copper River forecast is 1.35 million wild and hatchery sockeye salmon combined, and 37,000 king salmon. … A Chitina Personal Use Salmon Fishery Permit and a resident Alaska sport fishing license are required.