Who won Season 2 of Ultimate Survival Alaska?

Is Ultimate Survival Alaska coming back?

National Geographic has cancelled Ultimate Survival Alaska after three seasons. In a statement, the network confirmed it will not be moving forward with a fourth season of the reality competition series: There unfortunately will not be a 4th season.

Why was ultimate survival Cancelled?

After at least 15 ruined packrafts, 20 or more quirky adventurers, one lost gold pan and three great seasons, “Ultimate Survival” is gone. According to producers, it’s not because of Sen. Bill Stoltze’s war on entertainment, but due to lower than expected ratings.

How did Marty Raney make his money?

He was a sound man in Surviving Denali, and in Against All Odds, Marty was a guide and musician. … In addition to all his TV and movie appearances, is also a passionate musician, recording artist, and businessman. Before his kids were born, he started his own company, Alaska Stone and Log.

What is Marty Raney doing now?

One of Discovery Channel’s biggest stars is Homestead Rescue’s Marty Raney, who got his reality TV start on Ultimate Survival Alaska. He’s now starring in a new spin-off, Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch.

What happened to Sweeney on Ultimate Survival Alaska?

Sweeney fractured his femur in a fall on ice in Hope in January.

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