When can I put studded tires on in Alaska?

When can you put snow tires on in Alaska?

Alaska State Law on Snow Tires

Below the 60 North latitude, studded tire use is forbidden from April 15 to September 30. As Anchorage is above the 60 North latitude, snow tires may be used there between September 16 and April 30.

When can I put my studded tires on in Anchorage Alaska?

Studded Tires:

Update 9/21/2021: Municipality of Anchorage changed their ordinance in fall 2019, to not allow studded tires within Anchorage city limits until Oct. 1. State law differs, allowing studded tires north of 60 Latitude on Sept. 16.

When can I put on my studded tires?

Alberta & Saskatchewan – studded tires are permitted during winter, no restrictions or set dates for use. Manitoba – studded tires are permitted Oct. 1 – April 30. Ontario – studded tires are permitted Oct.

Are tire chains legal in Alaska?

The use of tire chains of reasonable proportions when required for safety because of snow, ice, or other slippery conditions. … Tire chains or “sufficient traction devices” are allowed.

Can you put studded tires on AWD?

DO NOT apply winter/snow tires only to the front axle. This applies to all passenger and light truck vehicles including front-wheel-drive, 4WD, and AWD vehicles. … o If studded winter/snow tires are installed on the front axle of any vehicle, studded winter/snow tires must also be installed on the rear axle.

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