What type of houses do people in Alaska live in?

What are houses in Alaska made out of?

Asphalt, foundation material, and even cement are made here and used in most local homes, according to Paul Michelson, president of the Anchorage Home Builders Association.

How do houses stay warm in Alaska?

Alaskans use many fuels, including natural gas, fuel oil, pro- pane, coal, wood, electricity and even the sun, to heat their homes and water. Appliances range from boilers to furnaces to stoves and beyond!

Can you have a basement in Alaska?

Consult with an architect, engineer or contractor before building on soils subject to permafrost. This includes most of Interior Alaska and areas west and north of the Alaska range. … Enclosed crawl spaces or basements should not be constructed in soils subject to permafrost.

Do people in Alaska really live in igloos?

The Cartoons Were Wrong, Alaskans Don’t Actually Live In Igloos. … Alaskans have normal houses, just like in the “lower 48.” Igloos were once temporary homes made by hunters, but the only time they’re really used to day is in emergency situations.

Can I build my own house in Alaska?

In Alaska, inspections are required for any new home built after 1991. It is also important to remember, that as an owner-builder in the state of Alaska you are allowed to build one house for your own use every two years.

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What is the average heating bill in Alaska?

Heating and Lighting Your Home: The Cost of Utilities in Alaska. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that the average monthly electric bill for Alaska residents currently sits at $127.83/month.

How do they keep pipes from freezing in Alaska?

Both hot and cold water pipes are in danger of freezing and need attention. Insulate pipes in unheated areas using a “pipe sleeve” or “heat tape.” For moderately cold times, an inexpensive foam pipe insulation is sufficient to prevent freezing. … You could also put an electric heater near pipes you are concerned about.

How do you winterize a house in Alaska?

How to Winterize Anchorage Homes

  1. Insulate Chimneys and Intake Systems. Anchorage homes with a combustion exhaust or an air-intake system can experience malfunctions in colder weather. …
  2. Insulate Propane Tanks. …
  3. Block Window Drafts. …
  4. Reverse Ceiling Fans. …
  5. Seal Hidden Drafts. …
  6. Keep Water On Hand.

What is the most common job in Alaska?

5 Popular Alaska Jobs

  • Zoologists and wildlife biologists.
  • Geological and petroleum technician.
  • Airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers.
  • Material moving workers.
  • Commercial pilots.