What state did Miles call home in Looking for Alaska?

Where did Looking for Alaska take place?

Everything important in Looking for Alaska takes place on campus at the Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama.

What is Miles nickname in Looking for Alaska?

Miles Halter is the novel’s main character and narrator, who has an unusual passion in learning famous people’s last words. He transfers to the boarding school Culver Creek in search of his own “Great Perhaps.” He is nicknamed “Pudge” by his roommate because he is tall and skinny.

How did Miles get a concussion in Looking for Alaska?

Miles meets Lara, and goes on a triple date with her, the Colonel and his pseudo-girlfriend Sara, and Alaska and her college-aged boyfriend Jake. The date ends with Miles getting a concussion from a basketball and ralphing on Lara’s shoes.

What were Alaska’s last words?

Alaska’s last words to me were ‘To be continued‘, and so I choose the labyrinth, even if there’s no way out, even if we’re all going, even if everything falls apart.”

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Is Looking for Alaska a sad book?

It just has a sad tone to it. Definitely a must read. It was depressing at first, but then I kind of got used to it and viewed it as a death mystery book. I was reading it in class when Alaska dies and started crying.

Did miles and Alaska sleep together?

Miles finally gets his “girl”, and Alaska finally gets her “boy”, and as he lays in bed with her after I presume they have sex (not completely clear) he whispers “I love you”.

Does Alaska love Pudge?

But I think there’s a strong case to be made from the story that Pudge and Alaska really loved each other and were in many ways suited to each other. Obviously, one wishes that Pudge could’ve understood the seriousness of Alaska’s pain earlier, and that Alaska could’ve done a better job of reaching out to him.

Why is Pudge upset with Alaska?

Why is Pudge so upset that Alaska is leaving him out of the pre-prank planning? Because they were together so much over thanksgiving and he is sad that she is doing that. On January when she and her mom went to the zoo. After her best day, she found her mom fallen over the kitchen table after school and then she died.

Does Alaska and Pudge hook up?

On the last night of these ‘celebrations’, Alaska dares Pudge to “hook up” with her, and they begin making out. … The Colonel and Pudge feel horrible, feeling they helped her death by letting her go.

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Why did Alaska have a closed casket?

At the funeral Alaska’s casket is closed, and Miles realizes that he will never see her again. When he asks her father why it’s not open, he tells Miles that Alaska always said she wanted a closed casket because her mother had an open one. Alaska didn’t want anyone to see her dead.

Why does Takumi say that the colonel can never know that it was Alaska who ratted out Marya and Paul?

Why does Takumi say that the Colonel can never know that it was Alaska who ratted out Marya and Paul? Because the Colonel takes loyalty seriously and he might to get Alaska expelled or something.

What was Lara’s best day?

Lara’s best day was the day she moved from Romania to America. Her parents couldn’t speak English and they needed her to help them fill out forms and figure things out. It was the first day she felt like a grownup. Takumi’s favorite day was when he lost his virginity, but he declines to tell that story to the group.