What months can you ski in Alaska?

When can I ski in Alaska?

Alyeska is open from mid-November (tentative) to mid-April (conditions permitting). When’s the best time to make a ski trip? Alyeska Resort is Alaska’s premier destination resort. All winter, the resort sees a lot of local traffic from Anchorage.

Can you ski in Anchorage in May?

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – Skiers and snowboarders looking for snowy fun within designated ski areas in Alaska are in luck this year, as several spots have already announced extensions to their seasons. … Then, there will also be several weekends in May that the mountain will stay open for skiers and snowboarders.

What is the best month to go skiing?

The best time to go skiing is between December and April – which is the main ski season in most resorts – and each month has its benefits. Whether you’re a family looking for a festive feel, or a keen skier hoping to cover some miles, you’ve got to pick the time that suits you best.

Is skiing big in Alaska?

Alaska’s mountains see a ton of snow, from the Tordrillos, to the Chugach, to the Wrangell St. Elias mountains, huge wet storms spin off the Pacific and drop massive amounts of snow on Alaska. Alyeska Resort in Girdwood sees on average 650” of snow per season, second only to Mt.

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How much does it cost to ski in Alaska?

Daily Lift Ticket Prices

Adults – 19 & Over Seniors – 60 & Over
Half Day, 12PM – 5PM $30 $16
Weekday / Weekend, 3PM – 8PM $30 $16
Super Skier, 9AM – 8PM $36 $16
Night Owl, Last 2 Hours $24 $16

Can I ski in Alaska in summer?

But what really makes Alaska unique is that the snow lasts right into summer, long after most ski resorts, cat, and heli operations in the Northern hemisphere have shut down. That means plenty of “corn” snow, the velvety stuff beloved by spring skiers who crave making turns under sunny, bluebird skis.

Does Alaska have skiing?

Alaska has 7 ski resorts. Most are located near the coast which produces ideal snow conditions. Alaska’s premier resort Alyeska is one of three resorts located within 45 minutes from downtown Anchorage and is often included in top ski destinations lists. … Alaska heli-skiing is world renowned.

When should I go heli skiing?


If you dream of skiing down rolling, wide-open terrain that glitters in the sunlight, consider this time of year the best time to go heli-skiing.

Can you ski in Alaska in March?

March is probably the best month to experience Alaska in winter, thanks to longer light and a long menu of fun activities. … In other words, it’s the perfect time for winter activities! You’ll find great downhill skiing, dogsledding, and cross-country skiing.

How many days should you go skiing?

In general, we suggest a minimum of three days of skiing for a first trip. If you can manage four to seven days, that works well too. If seven days is more than your family can handle, divide your ski trip into two trips. A three-day trip and four-day trip can work well.

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Is March too late to ski?

Spring skiing can be very rewarding – not only are the days longer and the weather normally better, but skiing in late March or April can also offer some of the most enjoyable snow conditions of the ski season. … Choose your resort with even a modicum of care and, contrary to popular belief, there will always be snow.

What months do you ski?

The best time to visit really depends on what kind of skiing experience you’re hoping for. If you’re looking for guaranteed snow, the months of January or February are usually a safe bet. By this time, the resorts will usually have a good snow covering, making the ideal snow conditions more likely.