What mental illness did Alaska have?

Does Alaska have depression in Looking for Alaska?

The book is often hailed for its realistic depiction of depression, and by including private moments with the character that aren’t from Miles’ point of view, the series can fully delve into Alaska’s emotional state.

What is the depression rate in Alaska?


Measure Rating 2020 Value
Depression †Percentage of adults ++++ 17.4%
Excessive DrinkingPercentage of adults +++ 18.2%
Frequent Mental DistressPercentage of adults ++++ 12.0%
Non-medical Drug UsePercentage of adults ++++ 9.0%

Did miles really love Alaska?

He splits happenings into before Alaska’s death and after Alaska’s death. … Miles obsessive love towards Alaska, a girl he could never be with, becomes most apparent after her death.

Did Alaska have depression?

For about 10 percent of the Alaska population, though, the consequences of extended darkness go beyond a spreading waistline. These people suffer from a form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), said Anchorage psychologist Caryl Boehnert.

What were Alaska’s last words?

Alaska’s last words to me were ‘To be continued‘, and so I choose the labyrinth, even if there’s no way out, even if we’re all going, even if everything falls apart.”

What state has the highest depression rate?

The states with the highest percentage of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder from April 28 – May 10, 2021 were Arkansas (35.5%), Kentucky (35.2%), Louisiana (34.3%), Oklahoma (34.3%), and Alaska (33.8%).

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How do Alaskans deal with darkness?

While some Alaskans embrace winter, others cope by exposing themselves to bright-light therapy, which doctors say can be effective. Others take antidepressants. Some medicate with drugs or alcohol. And there are those who flee the state.