What is the state reptile of Alaska?

What states have a state reptile?

The desert tortoise, which is the state reptile of California and Nevada, is one of these tortoises.

What is New Hampshire’s state reptile?

The Blanding’s turtle is more tolerant of cold temperatures than most turtles.

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Kingdom: Animalia
Family: Emydidae
Genus: Emydoidea
Species: E. blandingii

Which state has most lizards?

Bottom line: Florida has the largest number of invasive amphibians and reptiles of any place in the world, according to a study by UF Gainesville researchers, who have published their findings in the September 15, 2011, online issue of Zootaxa.

What is Texas reptile?

The Texas Horned Lizard was adopted as the Texas state reptile on June 18, 1993. The Texas Horned Lizard is also referred to as the horned toad, horny toad and horned frog and with a lineage that can be traced back to the dinosaurs.

Does the US have a national reptile?

American Alligator, National reptile of America.

What is the state mammal?

State mammals

State Mammal Other mammal 1
Alaska Moose (land mammal) (1998)
Arizona Ring-tailed cat (1986)
Arkansas White-tailed deer (1993)
California California grizzly bear (animal) (1953)

Are there lizards in New Hampshire?

Most reptiles lay hard-‐shelled eggs, and some species give birth to live young. They breathe air with lungs. Unlike amphibians, they have dry skin covered with scales. Reptiles include turtles, snakes, alligators, and lizards – but ONLY turtles and snakes occur naturally in New Hampshire.

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