What is the lowest point in Alaska?

What is the highest and lowest elevation in Alaska?

Elevation table

State federal district or territory Highest point Lowest elevation
Alaska Denali sea level
American Samoa Lata Mountain on Ta’ū island sea level
Arizona Humphreys Peak 72 ft 22 m
Arkansas Mount Magazine 55 ft 17 m

Which mountain has the lowest elevation?

Whitney, at 4421 meters (14,505 feet) in elevation. Mt. Whitney is located at the southeastern end of the Sierra Nevada. Interestingly, it is only 85 miles northwest from Badwater Basin in Death Valley, which at 86 meters (282 feet) below sea level is the lowest point in all of North America.

What city in the US has the lowest elevation?

Lowest Elevation City in the United States

The lowest city in the United States in terms of elevation is Calipatria, formerly known as Date City, in California. Calipatria is found in Imperial County in the southern part of California and covers an area of just 3.72 square miles.

What is elevation in Alaska?

Alaska — Denali, 20,310 feet above sea level.

What country besides Canada is closest to Alaska?

Alaska is bordered by Canada (by the Canadian provinces of Yukon Territory and British Columbia) to the east, and it shares a maritime border with Russia to the west.

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What is the highest point in all 50 states?

List of Highest Point for Every U.S. State From Highest to Lowest

Rank State Highest point
1 Alaska Mount Denali (Mount McKinley)
2 California Mount Whitney
3 Colorado Mount Elbert
4 Washington Mount Rainier

What state has the highest low point?

Colorado has the highest low point: At 3,315 feet, its lowest elevation tops the apex of 18 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.

Which country is below sea level?

10) Salton Trough

Thirty-Three Countries with Land Areas Below Sea Level
Country Below Sea Level Location Elevation
United States Death Valley 86 meters below sea level
Eritrea near Kulul within the Denakil Depression 75 meters below sea level
Morocco Sebkha Tah 55 meters below sea level