What is the average temperature in Denali in July?

What is the weather in Denali Alaska in July?

>>Denali National Park weather by month // weather averages. >>Denali National Park weather in July // weather averages.

Denali National Park weather by month // weather averages.

Avg. Temperature °C (°F) 13.2 (55.7)
Precipitation / Rainfall mm (in) 99 (3.9)
Humidity (%) 70%

What is the warmest month in Denali Alaska?

Denali Park Headquarters – Average Monthly Temperature and Precipitation

Month Precipitation (inches) Maximum Temp (°F)
June 2.42 65.3
July 3.12 66.4
August 3.01 61.1
September 1.74 50.7

What is the normal temperature in Denali?

The highest recorded temperature in the national park is 91 degrees. Overall, in the north and south part of Denali, the average temperatures fluctuate between 50 and 60. The average high temperature for the area is 66.

What should I pack for Alaska in July?

The Packing List:

  • 1 waterproof jacket – this one perfectly matches the color of the fireweed pictured below!
  • 1-2 performance wool or fleece jackets.
  • 1 puffy vest.
  • 2-3 warm leggings.
  • 1-2 jeans.
  • Enough thick socks and undies for a week (wash if staying longer)
  • 2-3 long-sleeved base layers, some thermal and some lighter.
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What clothes to pack for Denali in July?

Warm, quick-drying clothing.

Quick-drying pants, long underwear, at least one long-sleeved shirt, a warm winter hat, waterproof gloves and a fleece jacket are also recommended. Be prepared for temperatures ranging from 30° to 80° F (-1° to 27° C) in the summer months. Stove, fuel, cookware and water bottles.

Is July a good time to visit Alaska?

July in Alaska

For many people, the answer to the question “When is the best time to go to Alaska?” is July. With wildlife fully active, all trails accessible, long days and Alaska’s warmest average temperatures, July can be the best month to visit Alaska.

What is there to do in Denali in July?

Top Attractions in Denali National Park and Preserve

  • Husky Homestead. 1,920. Nature & Wildlife Areas. …
  • Denali. 2,872. Mountains. …
  • Denali Visitor Center. 1,555. Visitor Centers. …
  • Eielson Visitor Center. 428. Visitor Centers. …
  • Park Road. 1,249. Biking Trails • Scenic Drives. …
  • Horseshoe Lake Trail. 155. …
  • Mt. Healy Overlook Trail. …
  • Wonder Lake. 301.

How many days should you spend in Denali National Park?

Located far from any airport or large city, Denali is a wilderness park. Reaching the park can take several hours (or even most of a day), so we recommend that you plan a minimum itinerary of 2 nights in the area, which gives you one full day and part of two others.

How cold is Denali in July?

Denali National Park Weather and Temperature Averages

Denali National Park Monthly Weather Statistics
June 65 F (18 C) 41 F (5 C)
July 67 F (19 C) 45 F (7 C)
August 61 F (16 C) 40 F (4 C)
September 50 F (10 C) 31 F (-1 C)
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Is Denali colder than Everest?

There is, however, one minor difference. Mt. Denali is in Alaska and less than 1,000 miles from the Arctic Circle, so it’s colder. … A quick summit temperature comparison between Denali and Everest illustrates my point well.