What is the average temperature in Denali in August?

What is the weather like in Denali National Park in August?

>>Denali National Park weather in August // weather averages. >>Current temperature and weather forecast for Denali National Park.

Denali National Park weather by month // weather averages.

Avg. Temperature °C (°F) 10.6 (51.2)
Precipitation / Rainfall mm (in) 93 (3.7)
Humidity (%) 75%
Rainy days (d) 12

What is the warmest month in Denali Alaska?

Denali Park Headquarters – Average Monthly Temperature and Precipitation

Month Precipitation (inches) Maximum Temp (°F)
June 2.42 65.3
July 3.12 66.4
August 3.01 61.1
September 1.74 50.7

What is the normal temperature in Denali?

The highest recorded temperature in the national park is 91 degrees. Overall, in the north and south part of Denali, the average temperatures fluctuate between 50 and 60. The average high temperature for the area is 66.

Is Denali colder than Everest?

There is, however, one minor difference. Mt. Denali is in Alaska and less than 1,000 miles from the Arctic Circle, so it’s colder. … A quick summit temperature comparison between Denali and Everest illustrates my point well.

How many days do you need in Denali?

Located far from any airport or large city, Denali is a wilderness park. Reaching the park can take several hours (or even most of a day), so we recommend that you plan a minimum itinerary of 2 nights in the area, which gives you one full day and part of two others.

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How cold is Denali in June?

Denali National Park Weather and Temperature Averages

Denali National Park Monthly Weather Statistics
March 26 F (-3 C) 12.7 hours
April 39 F (4 C) 16.2 hours
May 54 F (12 C) 19.9 hours
June 65 F (18 C) 22.4 hours

Is August a good time to visit Alaska?

The best time to visit Alaska is during the summer months. While our summer season is short, it is the driest, warmest time to visit. … The peak season, starting early to mid June and running through mid August, is the period that offers the most tour options, the best weather and the best wildlife viewing opportunities.

How cold is Denali?

Winters can be extremely cold with temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit and colder, to high 20s on warm days. This kind of extreme cold typically begins by late October or early November, and runs through March.

Where should I stay in Denali without a car?

Denali National Park and Preserve Hotels and Places to Stay

  • Denali Park Village. 1,188 Reviews. …
  • McKinley Creekside Cabins & Cafe’ 1,033 Reviews. …
  • Denali Park Hotel. 502 Reviews. …
  • McKinley Chalet Resort. 1,423 Reviews. …
  • Denali Bluffs Hotel. …
  • Grande Denali Lodge. …
  • Aurora Denali Lodge. …
  • Denali Touch Of Wilderness Bed and Breakfast Inn.