What is the Alaskan word for wolf?

What does Akira mean in Alaskan?

Puppy Names From Alaska With Love!

Aiyana – flowering bloom. Akiak – brave. Akira – intelligent. Amaguq – wolf.

What does the dog name Nanook mean?

In Inuit religion, Nanook (/ˈnænuːk/; Inuktitut: ᓇᓄᖅ [naˈnuq], lit. “polar bear“) was the master of bears, meaning he decided if hunters deserved success in finding and hunting bears and punished violations of taboos. The word was popularized by Nanook of the North, the first feature-length documentary.

What is wolf in other languages?

American English: wolf /ˈwʊlf/ Arabic: ذِئْب Brazilian Portuguese: lobo. Chinese: 狼 Croatian: vuk.

What is the meaning of Mishka?

This name has different origins and meanings. In Russian, it means “bear cub” or the female version of the male name “Michael”. Mishka is also a variant of the Arabic name “Mishkat”, which means “niche for a light”. Mischka, Mishkaa.

What is a nanuk dog?

The Alaskan Nanuk is a wonderful dog breed. Being not only extremely unique, they are beautiful and intelligent. … They also have super soft fluffy coats that shed significantly less then your average long haired dog, this breed has been in creation for many years but is still very new and rare!

How do you say love in Inuit?

We reserved Nagligivaget, the Inuit way of saying “I love you,” for last to prove that, even at the ends of the Earth, even in the coldest places, the warmth of love and the heat of passion rings true. Even when things are so cold that you cover your entire body several times over.

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Why do Huskies have blue eyes?

The Genetics of Blue Eyes in Huskies

Siberian Huskies have a specific gene that causes a loss of pigmentation in the irises but not the coat, which is why Huskies can have dark coats and blue eyes. This gene allows their eyes to range in color from very light blue to very rich blue.