What is duck season in Alaska?

Can you shoot a duck on the water in Alaska?

Whether to shoot only on the fly or on the water as well. Both are 100% legal.

What months are duck season?

Duck Hunting

State Season Dates
Arkansas (AR) EARLY TEAL Sept. 15 to 30 DUCK, COOT AND MERGANSER Nov 21 to 30 Dec 11 to 23 Dec 26 to Jan 31
California (CA) Northeastern Zone Oct 3 to Jan 13 Balance of State Zone Oct. 24 to Jan 31 Southern San Joaquin Valley Zone Oct. 24 to Jan. 31 Southern California Zone Oct. 24 to Jan. 31

What ducks can you shoot in Alaska?

The state offers king eiders on the Bering Sea, or Island X, as it’s commonly called. When not hunting kings, hunters can take their pick of harlequins, long-tailed ducks and three types of scoters. Inland on quieter waters, an array of common puddlers — mallards, pintails, wigeon and green-wing teal — are available.

Do you need a duck stamp in Alaska?

Waterfowl hunters must purchase a current year’s Alaska State Duck Stamp for all fall hunting and for those that qualify for the spring/summer subsistence hunt unless you: are an Alaska resident under the age of 18; are an Alaska resident 60 years of age or older; … are hunting only cranes and snipe.

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How long is duck season in Alaska?

Latest dates for the duck Hunting Season Alaska 2016-2017

Species Season Dates Bag Limits (Daily)
Ducks Sept 16 to Dec 31 7 (Max 1 canvasbacks)
Sea Ducks (Residents) Sept 16 to Dec 31 10
Sea Ducks (Non-Residents) Sept 16 to Dec 31 7
Canada Geese Sept 16 to Dec 31 4

What time of year is best for duck hunting?

Generally speaking, the best time of year to hunt waterfowl is during the cold fronts of mid-fall. However, the location of the hunt and species of duck will also play a role in predicting the best times to hunt.

Can you shoot ducks all year round?

You may use all shot types when hunting ducks in NSW.

Are there mallards in Alaska?

The mallard is the raven of the duck world, able to eat just about anything. Mallards have overwintered in Anchorage since at least 1975. There are now about 1,300 mallards there. The Fairbanks population of mallards has increased to about 500 overwintering ducks since people began feeding them in organized fashion.

How many ducks are in Alaska?

Today their numbers average around 600,000 birds and 70,000 birds, respectively. Populations of other duck species have been stable in Alaska, while these birds have suffered declines in other regions.