What is anchorage of rebar?

What is meant by Anchorage value?

Anchorage length is the equivalent length of the reinforcement bar which is considered to be available when a straight bar is bent through some angle. It is provided only at the support. Anchorage length is provided if sufficient development length cannot be provided inside the support.

What is Anchorage length in rebar?

Meaning of anchorage length is the length required for development of stress in the rebars, this is obtained by providing the required development length or hook/bends if sufficient length cannot be achieved.

What is a anchorage in construction?

[′aŋ·kə·rij] (architecture) A permanent placement or foundation to which the lower members of a structure can be attached in order to provide stability for the entire structure.

What is Anchorage bond in reinforced concrete?


To prevent the reinforcement from being pulled out under tension T, concrete must tightly grip the reinforcement to work together. This grip is realized by bond stress accumulation along a certain length of concrete–reinforcement interface. This kind of bond is called anchorage bond.

What is Anchorage bar?

Reinforced concrete [RC] is concrete in which reinforcement bars (“rebars”), reinforcement grids, plates or fibers are embedded to create bond and thus to strengthen the concrete in tension.

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How do you calculate Anchorage rebar length?

1) Tensile bar

  1. lb,rqd (basic required anchorage length) = 484 mm. …
  2. α1(effect of the form of the bars) = 1.
  3. α2(effect of concrete minimum cover) = 0.71. …
  4. α3(effect of transverse reinforcement) = 1. …
  5. α5(effect of the pressure transverse) = 1. …
  6. α2 · α3 · α5 = 0.71 (≥ 0.7)
  7. lb,min = max(145 ; 120 ; 100) = 145 mm.

What do you mean by end Anchorage?

A mechanical device used to transmit prestressing force to the reinforced concrete in a posttensioned member.

What is anchorage failure?

Anchorage failure of hooked bar is considered as 3 types, that are side split, local compressive and raking-out failure. Among these failure types, raking-out failure tends to occur in case of lack of development length, which is focused in this study.

What does anchorage mean in plants?

Answer: Anchorage is the term derived from the word anchor. … Similarly anchorage means to hold or grip. In the same way, Roots help in holding plants tightly to the soil by anchoring to the soil.