What is an Alaska tent?

How much does an Alaskan small shelter cost?

Shelter is approximately 20X32. The case is extremely heavy to move.

Alaska Small Shelter System
Auction Closed
Sold Amount: $4,427.00
Buyer’s Premium (12.50%): $553.37
Total Price: $4,980.37

What are arctic tents?

Arctic Oven tents are the original hot tent built out of necessity in the extreme climate of Alaska. Arctic Oven tents provide true 4 season capability and are great for winter camping as all our hot tents are stove integration capable. Comfort in 60 °F to -60 ° 365 days a year.

How do arctic tents keep you warm?

They’re insulated with a body-heat-moldable Ultralite System and protected from moisture with a rubber shell. Plus, they have an insulated removable liner you can dry out inside a sleeping bag overnight. Or, on his expeditions to the North Pole, Larsen only wears Baffin Guide Pros.

How many people fit in a temper tent?

In its largest standard form, it can be assembled into a dining facility which can serve 1,100 service people. The TEMPER tent represents the most dramatic improvement in military tentage since World War II.

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