What fruit trees can you grow in Alaska?

What fruits can grow in Alaska?

Opportunities in Alaska Fruit Farming

Operating on just a few acres, Don grows a wide variety of crops, from red and black currants, raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, apples and honeyberries.

What fruit grows best in Alaska?

Cherry trees such as the North Star Cherry and the Montmorency Cherry are recommended for Alaska if grafted onto a cold hardy rootstock. Blueberry plants are the most cold hardy, and blueberries are a favorite native bush to grow in Alaska. Blueberry plants are native to Southern Alaska soils.

Do peaches grow in Alaska?

Peach trees occasionally survive the winter, according to the Alaska Pioneer’s Fruit Growers Association.

What trees can grow in Alaska?

In the Interior, principal species include white spruce, birch, and quaking aspen on uplands, black spruce and tamarack in forested wetlands, and balsam poplar within floodplains. Willows are abundant in the Interior as well, however most do not reach tree size.

Can you grow bananas in Alaska?


The BANANA (MUSA) is such an easy showy tropical plant to grow in the Alaskan home or office. The Cavendish variety will have fruit in four years.

Can you grow watermelon in Alaska?

University of Alaska Fairbanks horticulture professor Meriam Karlsson said watermelon is a challenging crop to grow in Alaska. It requires a warm, long growing season — two things Alaska summers rarely have. … She said the watermelons were cute at first — only the size of a nickel.

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Do blueberries grow in Alaska?

Range: All of Alaska except portions of the northern coastal plain and western Aleutians. Bog blueberry is the most widespread of Alaskan blueberries. Habitat: Subalpine heath, dry to moist rocky alpine tundra, low elevation bogs, open woods. Regeneration: Plants are perennial, producing new growth each spring.

Can grapes grow in Alaska?

They don’t grow grapes in Alaska. It’s too cold there. … You cannot grow grapes outside in Alaska as it is too cold there for grapes to ripen. However, Mike Mosesian at Bell’s Nursery in Anchorage has been growing table grapes for decades in their greenhouses, along with tomatoes, other veggies, and flowers.

Can apples grow in Alaska?

Apple trees in Alaska may require decades to grow over 15 feet high. Yellow Transparent, Rescue, and Summerred apple tree varieties are considered highly self-fertile. … Only a select group of apple tree varieties are both cold-hardy and productive in Alaska.

Are mulberry trees illegal?

Most species were imported to the United States from Asia, but now thrive and are even considered invasive in some areas. Some cities in North America, such as El Paso, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona have banned the planting of new mulberry trees due to the amount of pollen they produce.