What does anchorage mean in medical terms?

What is a anchor in the medical field?

A clinical trial term of art for a planned activity, often marking the transition between epochs (stages) or elements of a clinical study plan—e.g., FP/FV (first patient/first visit).

What does anchoring mean in biology?

In cell biology, a scaffold within the cell or its membranes, on which enzymes or other important molecules are suspended.

How would you describe anchorage?

that portion of a harbor or area outside a harbor suitable for anchoring or in which ships are permitted to anchor. a charge for occupying such an area. the act of anchoring or the state of being anchored.

Where did the word anchorage come from?

anchorage (n.)

mid-14c., “toll or charge for anchoring” (see anchor (v.) + -age. Meaning “act of dropping anchor, being at anchor” is from 1610s; that of “place suitable for anchoring” is from 1706. The Alaska city of Anchorage was founded 1914.

How do you know when an anchor is biased?

Anchoring bias occurs when people rely too much on pre-existing information or the first information they find when making decisions. For example, if you first see a T-shirt that costs $1,200 – then see a second one that costs $100 – you’re prone to see the second shirt as cheap.

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What does it mean to call someone an anchor?

2 : someone or something that provides strength and support He is the family’s anchor. anchor. verb. anchored; anchoring. Kids Definition of anchor (Entry 2 of 2)

What is the meaning of Hypostome?

: any of several structures associated with the mouth: such as. a : the manubrium of a hydrozoan. b : a rodlike organ that arises at the base of the beak in various mites and ticks.

How do you use anchorage in a sentence?

Anchorage sentence example

  1. The Pescadore lalands afford the best anchorage in this part of Japan. …
  2. The anchorage is good and safe, and the harbour is one of the best on the Pacific coast of South America. …
  3. The anchorage is safe, and the bay full of fish; the harbour has a certain amount of trade.

What is the function of anchorage?

(ii) Anchorage: The root system tightly holds soil particles together and upholds a plant on the ground. (iii) Storage: Roots of some plants store food for future use. For example roots of beet, carrot, radish, sweet-potato become swollen to store food.