Quick Answer: Who has died from Railroad Alaska?

How did Jim James from railroad Alaska die?

Later, looking at a clip of the show online, I learned that Jim had lost his hand in a mishap with a shotgun. One of the ironies about modern-day Alaska is the prevalence of reality TV.

Is Jim James from railroad Alaska still alive?

Jim James died on August 10, 2016 in Talkeetna, Alaska, USA.

What happened to Wanda on railroad Alaska?

Wanda Mildred Gelles Griffin, age 93, died on Feb. 15, 2015, at Providence Horizon House in Anchorage, Alaska. Find out what it’s about, where to stream, and more People living in the wilderness out here with no roads walk to the railroad track and wave a white towel to hitch a ride with Warren.

Is the Alaska Railroad still running?

The Alaska Railroad operates year-round, regularly scheduled passenger service connecting Southcentral and Interior Alaska.

Are masks required on Alaska Railroad?

Face coverings are required by federal law to enter Alaska Railroad depots and ride trains. Children under the age of two, and passengers who cannot wear a mask because of a disability are exempt from the mask requirement. … Communicate a mask exemption to us prior to travel by calling 800.544. 0552.

Is there a train from lower 48 to Alaska?

Can you take the train to Alaska? No, unfortunately, you cannot. The Alaska Railroad operates in south central and interior Alaska, from Seward to Fairbanks. There is no connection to the rail system in Canada.

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