Question: What age range is looking for Alaska?

Is looking for Alaska a childrens book?

Genre. Looking for Alaska is classified as “young adult fiction“.

What age should read paper towns?

This contemporary coming-of-age book by John Green is published by Speak, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., and is written for kids ages 14 years and up.

Can a 11 year old read Looking for Alaska?

It’s a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone over the age of 12.

How old should you be to watch all the bright places?

According to Spectrum, TV content with this rating is, “Intended for adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Possibly contains crude indecent language, explicit sexual activity or graphic violence.”

What were Alaska’s last words?

Alaska’s last words to me were ‘To be continued‘, and so I choose the labyrinth, even if there’s no way out, even if we’re all going, even if everything falls apart.”

How old should you be to read it ends with us?

“The BEST book this author has ever written. It’s so incredibly deep, and sincerely explores a complex struggle between what you feel, and what is real. 5++++++ STARS.

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Why did Margo pick Quentin?

Summary: Chapter 8

Quentin doesn’t want to break into Sea World, but Margo convinces him to go along with the final part of her scheme. She points out that she picked him to join her on her expedition, which makes Quentin feel special. Using satellite maps, Margo has figured out a way to sneak into the park.

Can a 12 year old read Paper Towns?

If you’re a mature 12 year old, you can totally read it! Some parts may make parents wonder if the book is alright for their child to read but most books will do that. Reading is supposed to be provocative in the right way and John Green is a master at that! This book will make you never want to stop reading!

Is fault in our stars appropriate for 11 year olds?

While there is some sex, and strong swearing, it is definitely ok for tweens to watch, as long as they have read the book, and are prepared for the sad and mature themes of the movie.