Question: Are there taxis in Ketchikan Alaska?

Does Ketchikan have taxis?

You can spend a day seeing the downtown sights on foot, but you will need transportation to get to the totem pole parks or airport. By Taxi — The local taxis, mostly minivans, are convenient and usually easy to flag down on the single main road through town.

Is Uber available in Ketchikan Alaska?

Uber arrives in Ketchikan: Service launched June 15 in Alaska, but had no local drivers as of Tuesday. Buckle up — a new ride-sharing service has pulled into Ketchikan. On Monday Uber began coverage in the city and surrounding area.

Is there public transportation in Ketchikan?

As remote a tourist destination as Ketchikan is, the town still provides excellent public transportation services, which include airport shuttle, bus, taxi, and water taxi services. There is also a free shuttle bus with stops around the town including the Fish Hatchery and Totem Heritage Center.

How do I get from Ketchikan airport to the city?

Ketchikan International Airport is located on Gravina Island, a five-minute ferry ride to town. Ferries depart from the airport on the hour and half-hour; ferries depart from the city to the airport 15 and 45 minutes after the hour. Adult fare is $6; one-way fare for a standard car is $7.

Is there LYFT in Ketchikan?

Ketchikan’s Blueberry Arts Festival

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Ride-sharing programs such as Lyft are available.

Is there LYFT in Ketchikan Alaska?

Lyft at KTN airport.

Does Ketchikan have Lyft?

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