Is there public transportation in Fairbanks Alaska?

How do you get around in Fairbanks Alaska?

The best way to get around Fairbanks is by car or by using MACS Transit, the city’s bus system. Many visitors arrive in Fairbanks by train, although most fly into Fairbanks International Airport (FAI), which sits just 5 miles southwest of downtown and is accessible by MACS Transit’s yellow line.

Do you need a car to get around in Fairbanks Alaska?

You will need a car. There is quite a distance to cover in Fairbanks.

Does Alaska have public transportation?

Included in public transportation system in Alaska is the ferry system. One route on theAlaska Marine Highway connects the southeastern “panhandle” (Juneau, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Sitka, Haines, Skagway). Another system serves Prince William Sound locations (Valdez, Cordova, Whittier) or gets you to Kodiak Island.

How much is public transportation in Alaska?

Prices & Dates

Season Year Round
Day Pass // Adult, $5; Half fare (ages 5–18 or 60+), $2.50
Rate Notes Day passes are valid for unlimited rides until the end of service on the date of purchase.
Download People Mover mTicket from the App Store or Google Play and buy bus passes using your smartphone.
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How far is North Pole from Fairbanks?

North Pole is located 14 miles southeast of Fairbanks, AK on the Richardson Highway.

What is the cheapest way to rent a car in Alaska?

What is the cheapest rental car company in Alaska? Alamo is the cheapest rental car company in Alaska according to our data from the past 72 hours. You can find prices for as low as $32 per day from Alamo. Major Agency is another affordable rental company, with prices recently found for as low as $34 per day.

Can you get around Alaska without a car?

Getting around Alaska without a car

The Alaska Railroad and the Park Connector bus service make it simple to get between the major sites in Alaska. Both have regular schedules, and riding these options means you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view—leaving the driving to someone else!

How do you get around Denali without a car?

Three types of free buses operate on the publicly-driveable portion of the Denali Park Road. These enable visitors without vehicles, or those who wish to leave their vehicle behind, to travel between various facilities, trails, campgrounds and day-use areas. All of these are free, and none require reservations.

What generates the most jobs for Alaskans?

The federal government supports more jobs for Alaskans than any private industry—including even the petroleum industry. Just over a third of Alaskans with jobs depend in some way on federal spending. Federal spending in Alaska generates jobs in many ways and through both military and civilian activities.

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What is the best way to get around Alaska?

A bike is a great way to travel around Alaska’s cities – there are plenty of fantastic bike trails throughout Alaska – and it’s a great way to get around short distances in your summer home. Check your airline’s requirements for packing and shipping your bike, or bring it along on the ferry from Washington state.

Can you ride a bus to Alaska?

It’s possible to travel by bus to Alaska, but it’s not necessarily the most recommended method of transportation as this is one of the slowest ways to make the journey. From Minnesota, you’ll need to take a series of Greyhound buses to Vancouver, Canada, which will take between two and three days.

How much is a taxi from Anchorage airport to downtown?

The cost of a taxi ride from the airport to downtown is approximately $17.00 to $22.00 (as of April 2021) and the ride takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Does Anchorage have good public transportation?

Anchorage has a commitment to the people to provide safe and reliable transportation to everyone. About 12,000 passengers enjoy a ride on the People Mover buses, traveling more than 2 million miles total in a single year. Anchorage also offers AnchorRIDES, or transportation to those with disabilities.

How much is a bus pass in Alaska?

Cash Fares—Single day: Adult $2.00/Half $1.00/Youth $1.00; Day Passes: Adult $5.00/Half $2.50/Youth $2.50. Paratransit services for individuals with qualifying disabilities is provided by AnchorRides. Eligible visitors can receive up to 21 days of paratransit service in Anchorage.