Is Seward Alaska a rainforest?

Is Seward a rainforest?

Some folks don’t know this about Seward but we are in a temperate rain forest.

Where is the rainforest in Alaska?

Southeast Alaska lies at the heart of the North American temperate rainforest — a forest that extends in a narrow 2,500-mile coastal strip from northern California, along coastal British Columbia, and to the eastern edge of the Kodiak archipelago in southcentral Alaska.

Is Kodiak a temperate rainforest?

The temperate rainforest in Alaska stretches along a 1000-mile long coastal arc from the border of Canada to the island of Kodiak.

Does Seward Harbor freeze?

Seward Boat Harbor Tours and Activities. … The harbor itself is calm and scenically surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Uniquely the water does not freeze at any point during the year (but if it’s ice you’re after, the massive Exit Glacier is nearby.)

Is Valdez a rainforest?

Untouched yet within reach. Located near the head of a deep fjord in Prince William Sound, Valdez is a mix of tidewater glaciers, rainforests, and majestic mountains, wildlife on both land and sea and so much more.

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