How much of Alaska is forest land?

How many acres of trees are in Alaska?

Land Ownership

There are 126 million acres of forest land in Alaska (Smith et al.

What is the Tongass roadless rule?

The Roadless Rule was established in 2001. … It prohibits road construction in 58.5 million acres of the National Forest System, including the 17-million-acre Tongass, essentially halting the logging of old-growth timber and mining in the region.

Does Alaska have hardwood trees?

The extensive spruce-hardwood forests of interior Alaska are com- posed of only 3 coniferous tree species, white spruce {Picea glauca), black spruce (P. man- ana) , and tamarack {Larix laric- ina), and 3 hardwoods, balsam poplar {Populus balsamifera), quaking aspen (P.

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