How much is salmon in Alaska?

Is salmon cheaper in Alaska?

Even in Alaska, this is a bargain: Although wild salmon can sell for more than $25 a pound in the lower 48, here it will still cost $10 or more at the grocery.

How much is Alaskan salmon per pound?

Sockeye Salmon Price per Pound

As a rough estimate, sockeye salmon might cost somewhere between $15-$30 per pound—or even more for small orders with higher delivery costs.

How much do salmon weigh in Alaska?

Alaska King Salmon is the largest and least abundant of the species. Average weight is approximately 20 pounds and length ranges from 30 to 40 inches.

How much salmon is caught in Alaska?

The salmon harvest in Alaska is the largest in North America and represents about 80% of the total wild-caught catch, with harvests from Canada and the Pacific Northwest representing the remainder In 2017 over 200 million salmon were caught in Alaskan waters by commercial fishers, representing $750 million in exvessel …

Can you buy salmon in Alaska?

Sustainably harvested direct from the source, now you can have fresh Alaskan salmon shipped directly to your home from Tanner’s Fresh Fish Processing in Ninilchik Alaska.

How much does a full salmon cost?

On average, salmon can cost anywhere from $4 frozen to as much $25 per pound for fresh fillets.

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Type of Salmon Cost (per pound)
Fresh Whole Northwest King Salmon $9 to $17
Fresh Northwest King Salmon Steaks/Fillets $15 to $22
Fresh Alaskan King Salmon Steaks/Fillets $20 to $30
Fresh Whole Alaskan King Salmon $19 to $28