How long is the ferry from Seattle to Anchorage?

Can you take a ferry from Seattle to Anchorage?

The best way to get from Seattle to Anchorage without a car is to bus and car ferry which takes 3 days 11h and costs .

How do I get from Seattle to Anchorage without a flight?

Train, car ferry

  1. Take the train from Seattle to Bellingham Amtrak Station.
  2. Take the car ferry from Bellingham, WA to Juneau.
  3. Take the car ferry from Juneau to Whittier.
  4. Take the train from Whittier to Anchorage.

How much does it cost to take a ferry from Washington to Alaska?

Alaska Ferry System Costs As an example, two people traveling one-way from Bellingham, WA to Ketchikan is approx $500 (in the middle of the summer). Add a vehicle (like the VW Westfalia) and you’ll add another $500. Add a cabin for another approx $250-350.

How long is the drive from Seattle to Alaska?

Allow seven to 10 days to drive from Seattle to Anchorage or Fairbanks, even though the actual driving time is about 48 hours. Bring maps and lodging information with you so you can adjust your plans along the way if you feel tired from driving or want to get in some extra miles one day.

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Do you need a passport to take the ferry to Alaska?

Passengers must have a government issued picture identification to board the Alaska Ferry, such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID or equivalent. For more details see the full list of Alaska Marine Highway Travel Policies. If traveling in Canada, a passport or other acceptable ID is required.

Where do I sleep if I don’t have a cabin in Alaska ferry system?

You can sleep most anywhere except the dining room, movie room, bar, main thoroughfares, and anywhere marked as “Authorized Personnel Only.” You have several options for sleeping on the ferry, even if you don’t have a cabin: Tent camping. Solarium sleeping.

Is there a train from Anchorage to Seattle?

The best way to get from Anchorage, AK to Seattle without a car is to train and car ferry which takes 4 days 14h and costs $380 – $1,900.

Is it better to fly into Fairbanks or Anchorage?

Finding flights to Alaska that land in Fairbanks or Juneau is a better option than Anchorage if you’re traveling to the Last Frontier State for specific outdoor activities. However, when planning your trip, keep in mind that even though Juneau is the state’s capital city, it has fewer flights available than Fairbanks.