How big is Alaska compared to the US?

Is Alaska or Mexico bigger?

Mexico is about 1.3 times bigger than Alaska.

Alaska is approximately 1,481,348 sq km, while Mexico is approximately 1,964,375 sq km, making Mexico 33% larger than Alaska.

Is Alaska the biggest state?

3. While Alaska is the largest state by area, it’s among the smallest in population: Only about 740,000 people call the state home. … Anchorage is the state’s largest city with just less than 300,000 people. The capital city accounts for about 40 percent of the state’s population.

Is Canada bigger than the US?

Canada is considerably larger than the U.S., in sheer land mass, but has about one tenth the human population, some 31,000,000, creating some interesting challenges in animal protection. The entire population of Canada is about the same as can be found in the state of California.

What state is the largest in the United States?

How many Frances can fit in Alaska?

Alaska is about 2.7 times bigger than France.

France is approximately 551,500 sq km, while Alaska is approximately 1,481,348 sq km, making Alaska 169% larger than France.

What country is the same size as Alaska?

Alaska is twice the size of Texas. It is twice the size of the country Sweden. Alaska is one-fifth the size of all the Lower 48 states in the U.S.

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