Frequent question: What is the racial makeup of Juneau Alaska?

What is the male to female ratio in Juneau Alaska?

The Juneau City and Borough, Alaska Gender Ratio is 105 men to 100 women (105:100) or 1.05. Juneau City and Borough, Alaska’s gender ratio is lower than the Alaska State average of 111 men to 100 women (111:100) or 1.11. The gender ratio is also higher than the national average of 97 men to 100 women (97:100) or 0.97.

What language do they speak in Juneau Alaska?

Tlingit language

Official language in Alaska
Language codes
ISO 639-2 tli
ISO 639-3 tli

Why is Juneau not accessible?

Alaska is the largest state as far as land mass goes, but remains sparsely populated and remote. One might say that Juneau is the most distinct capital city in the U.S due to its relative remoteness. Residents from the rest of the state cannot just drive to Juneau; they must take a plane or a ferry.

What states have more females than males?

Here are the 10 states with the highest sex ratio:

  • Alaska (109)
  • North Dakota (105)
  • Wyoming (104)
  • South Dakota (102)
  • Colorado (101)
  • Hawaii (101)
  • Idaho (101)
  • Montana (101)

Does Alaska pay you to live there?

Look no further than the state of Alaska, which pays its residents over $1,000 every year just for living there. Permanent residents who opt into the state’s Permanent Fund Dividend Division can receive yearly checks of up to $1,100 a year, according to its website.

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Is Juneau Alaska Safe?

Wasilla is Alaska’s safest city. The Anchorage metro area city’s violent crime rate of 5.80–while not impressive compared to national levels–is the lowest of all qualifying cities, and well below Alaska’s statewide rate.

Alaska’s Safest Cities.

AK 2
City Juneau
Population 31,922
Violent crime 264
Property crime 1550

How do you say hello in Alaska?

Hello (good to see you) — cama-ihi!

Is Alaska Safe?

Alaska enjoys a comparatively low crime rate and is generally a safe place to travel though women need to be especially careful on their own, as Alaska does have a disproportionately high rate of rape and sexual assaults compared with the rest of the United States.

Is English spoken in Alaska?

Alaska passed a bill in 1998 designating English as the official state language. In 2014 the official language act was amended, adding 20 Alaskan native languages as co-official languages with English.