Frequent question: What does Alaska’s flag symbolize?

What is Alaska’s main color?


State Color 1 Name(s)
Alaska none none
Arizona Federal Blue and Old Gold
Arkansas none none
California Blue and Gold

What were Alaska last words?

Alaska’s last words to me were ‘To be continued‘, and so I choose the labyrinth, even if there’s no way out, even if we’re all going, even if everything falls apart.”

What do the white flowers symbolize in Looking for Alaska?

White Flowers Symbol Analysis

For Alaska, white flowers symbolize her mother. Before her death, Alaska’s mother used to put white daisies in Alaska’s hair. Daisies are traditional symbols of innocence. … Alaska dies with these flowers by her side, and they symbolize knowledge that might have saved Alaska from that death.

Which state flag has most stars?

The state flag of Indiana boasts the most stars of any state flag, at nineteen. Indiana’s flag features a gold torch that represents liberty and enlightenment, as well as rays that signify the flame’s far-reaching influence.

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