Frequent question: Is Alaska colder than Antarctica?

Is there a place colder than Antarctica?

Very cold! The coldest temperature on Earth ever recorded was -128.6° F at the Russian Vostok Station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983. … If you’re wondering where the coldest permanently-inhabited place on Earth is, it’s Oymyakon in the Siberia area of Russia. Oymyakon has an annual average temperature of just 3° F.

Is Alaska warmer than Antarctica?

With the current cold snap freezing Alaskans into winter, it’s no surprise to hear that our great state has temperatures even chillier than Antarctica! Many areas of Alaska have temperatures that have dipped farther south than the coldest of Antarctica’s research stations.

Is Alaska a very cold place?

It is an Arctic climate (Köppen E) with long, very cold winters and short, cool summers. The sun does not rise at all during some weeks in the winter, and is out for 24 hours during some weeks in the summer.

Is Russia colder than Alaska?

Yep. Russia is colder than Alaska or Northern Canada. In fact, Northern Russia is home to the coldest recorded temperatures outside of Antarctica.

What’s the coldest Antarctica has been?

The coldest temperature recorded in Antarctica was -89.6°C at Vostok station in 1983. The average winter temperature at the South Pole is about -49°C.

What is the current temperature in Antarctica?

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