Does Juneau Alaska have cell service?

Does Verizon work in Juneau Alaska?

The maps confirm that of the four majors, AT&T provides the most robust coverage in the state, followed by Verizon. Alaska is covered by both 3G and 4G LTE technology.

Is there 5G in Juneau?

Could be to Juneau in next “several years.” New 5G wireless network service is coming to Alaska by 2020, starting in Anchorage before making its way to other cities, GCI announced in a press conference Tuesday morning.

How much of Alaska has cell service?

According to WhistleOut, Alaska has 250 zip codes, and AT&T covers roughly 47.6% of them. However, even according to their November 2018 data analysis AT&T covers just 49,078m2 of Alaska’s 587,434 m2. That is just 8.3% of the state – and is inclusive of both 3G and 4G/LTE coverage.

Will my cell phone work in Alaska?

In summary, we feel Alaska has excellent cell phone coverage. If you require coverage everywhere you might want to look into satellite phones.

Does my Verizon plan work in Alaska?

Verizon roams on the ACS network in Alaska and is working to establish their own network. You should have coverage in Seward/Anchorage/Denali but don’t expect coverage between these areas.

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Does Verizon work in Wasilla Alaska?

Welcome to your neighborhood Verizon Wireless retailer! The Wasilla, AK, GoWireless Verizon Authorized Retailer is conveniently located in Susitna Plaza, on the corner of Palmer-Wasilla Highway and George Parks Highway. … Visit the Alaska State Fair or spend a day at your favorite fishing spot.

Is 5G in Alaska?

GCI launched Alaska’s first 5G service in Anchorage on April 17, 2020. GCI’s 5G buildout in Anchorage will serve as a model for GCI’s network modernization efforts as the company moves forward to expand the service across Alaska.

What Cell services are in Alaska?

The four biggest carriers statewide are Sprint Nextel, Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile. Check their websites for coverage maps that will show if your preferred provider and phone match the area in which you will live.

Is there cell service on the Alaska Highway?

There are long stretches of the Alaska Highway without cell phone service. … Alaska provider coverage is spotty to nonexistent along the Alaska Highway in Yukon and northern British Columbia outside major communities like Whitehorse, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John and Dawson Creek.

Does Verizon work in Cordova Alaska?

Cell phone coverage in Cordova, AK is good

While AT&T and Verizon have had broad coverage and fast LTE networks in Cordova, AK, carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint had often lagged behind in terms of coverage, LTE technology, and overall speed.

Is there Internet in Alaska?

The state of Alaska has a total of 16 internet providers available. It is the 47th most connected state, with 91% of the population having access to broadband speeds of 25 Mbps or more. The largest metro, Anchorage, sees average speeds of 8 Mbps, followed by Fairbanks with speeds of 5 Mbps.

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