Does Alaska white granite stain?

Does white granite stain easily?

Besides, when properly sealed, granite is stain-resistant and takes normal wear and tear very well. … Small surface flaws, water marks, dust, and fingerprints are also less visible on white granite countertops.

How do you keep white granite from staining?

Prevent Stains with Sealing

Luckily, you can prevent stains from occurring in the first place by sealing your white granite with a nontoxic stone sealer.

Can you get white granite?

Homeowners who like the idea of a white granite countertop should realize that there is no such thing as pure, super white granite. However, there is a wide variety of light-colored granites that have the appearance of white or very light shade of gray or beige.

Is white granite a bad idea?

Regardless of porosity, most granite colors (including white & light colors) become adequately stain-resistant and low-maintenance with the proper application of a quality sealer. Many white granites are perfectly fine and don’t pose significant care or cleaning problems.

Can you ruin granite countertops?

Can granite be damaged? Even though granite is one of the most durable naturally occurring materials and is almost indestructible, granite countertops can be damaged. The good thing is that most forms of damage are the result of mistakes that can be avoided.

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Can you use Clorox wipes on granite?

You should avoid using acid-based cleaners — lemon, orange, vinegar or bleach-based — on granite. … That means those Clorox disinfecting wipes (which contain citric acid) that make cleanup so easy are actually quite bad for your granite’s seal.

How do you keep white granite white?

White granite can be washed with hot, soapy water but over time, detergent can leave a build-up which will dull the shine. Instead, use specially-developed granite cleaners, like Hanafinn RejuvenataTM with a soft cloth.

Why is my white granite turning yellow?

Iron is a mineral found in stone and can occur randomly throughout the stone. … If water and/ or air is eliminated the iron will not oxidize. This is the reason certain white marble suddenly turn yellow. The process is difficult to reverse and replacement of the tile may be necessary.

How do I get my granite white again?

Steps to Fix the Discoloration:

  1. Apply a small amount of baby oil to a clean white rag.
  2. Rub it over the lighter spot (or a portion thereof). …
  3. If the oil darkens the counter and you like the look, use Stone Color Enhancer to make it permanent.
  4. First, make sure the area is clean and free from debris or residue.