Can you go swimming in Anchorage?

Is Anchorage Alaska close to water?

While Anchorage is well known for its mountains and world-class access to the wilds of Chugach State Park, the city is also dotted with lakes and lined with ocean — which means it has the perfect beaches for afternoon picnics, a day on the water, or a morning stroll along the tideline.

Are Alaska beaches warm?

Alaska does get some warm summers, but even during the winter, these sandy locations are perfect for having bonfires with friends or just watching the sun go down. The best part is that most of these beaches are totally secluded.

What are the coldest months in Alaska?


Month Min (°C) Min (°F)
January -19 -2
February -18
March -17 1
April -10 14

How far is the ocean from Anchorage?

Distance between Anchorage, AK (ANC) and Seattle, WA (SEA)

Driving distance from Anchorage (ANC) to Seattle (SEA) is 2379 miles / 3829 kilometers and travel time by car is about 45 hours 31 minutes.

What country besides Canada is closest to Alaska?

Alaska is bordered by Canada (by the Canadian provinces of Yukon Territory and British Columbia) to the east, and it shares a maritime border with Russia to the west.

How cold is ocean in Alaska?

Sea water temperature throughout Alaska is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 68°F. The warmest ocean temperature in Alaska today is 50.7°F (in Craig), and the coldest sea temperature is 30.7°F (Prudhoe Bay).

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What month does it start getting dark in Alaska?

Utqiaġvik, Alaska, the northernmost town in the US, experiences darkness from November to January every year. The phenomenon is called a polar night. The sun won’t rise in Utqiaġvik again until January 23.