Are there kestrels in Alaska?

Is a sparrow hawk the same as a kestrel?

Sparrowhawk (sometimes sparrow hawk) may refer to several species of small hawk in the genus Accipiter. … The American kestrel (Falco sparverius), a North American falcon species, is also commonly referred to as a “sparrow hawk”.

What is a male kestrel called?

The male (or tercel) Kestrel has black-spotted chestnut brown upperparts, and a blue-grey head and tail. The tail has a single black bar at the tip. Underneath, the breast and belly are buff coloured with black spots. The female (or falcon) is darker than the male and the back, mantle and wings all have black barring.

What is the largest bird of prey?

Are hawks in Alaska?

There are 5 species of Hawk in Alaska:

Red-tailed Hawk. Rough-legged Hawk. Northern Harrier. Northern Goshawk.

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