Are nurses in high demand in Alaska?

Is there a nursing shortage in Alaska?

Alaska, projected to be short 5,400 RNs, will have the largest percentage of the workforce missing – more than 22% of the needed 23,800 registered nurse positions will be unfilled.

Is there a need for nurses in Alaska?

Since the salary of staff nurses in Alaska ranks among the top five, it’s only imaginable that the demand for skilled registered nurses is also quite high in this state. … Juneau and Anchorage, two of the larger cities of Alaska have the highest paid registered nurses. Nurses find the trade-off in climate to be worth it!

Are nurses paid well in Alaska?

On average, RNs in Alaska earn about 17% more than the national average salary for nurses, at $80,010 (or $38.47 per hour). [ Looking for more information? Get instant salary estimates and personalized matches with high-paying nursing jobs. ]

How much do rn make in AK?

Here’s a general look at nursing salaries throughout the United States, as reported by the BLS.

Nurse Practitioner Salaries by State.

State Alaska
Certified Nurse Practitioner $122,880
Certified Nurse-Midwife $85,210
Certified Nurse Anesthetist $187,690

What state needs nurses the most?

Which states have the highest need for nurses?

  • California (274,650)
  • Texas (207,810)
  • New York (180,730)
  • Florida (174,710)
  • Pennsylvania (139,480)
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How do I become a nurse in Alaska?

How to Become a Nurse in Alaska

  1. Apply to an Accredited Nursing Program in Alaska. You’ll need knowledge, training, and experience to become a nurse in Alaska. …
  2. Graduate from Your Nursing Program. …
  3. Register for the NCLEX Exam in Alaska. …
  4. Pass the NCLEX Exam. …
  5. Get Your Nursing License and Professional Experience in Alaska.

How many nurses are in Alaska?

The NND reports that Alaska has 17,595 licensed nurses. That’s 16,084 at the RN level and 1,511 at the PN level. The Alaska Nurses Association ( is an additional professional resource for the state’s nurses.

How much are teachers paid in Alaska?

Alaska Teacher Salary and Incentives

Alaska is one of the highest paying states for teachers, with elementary school teachers earning an average salary of $75,860 and secondary school teachers earning an average of $77,920.

What is the average RN salary?

Most registered nurses begin their career on a salary between $60,000 – $65,000. The beauty of the Nurse Award 2010, is that your pay will then grow 4-5% every year after that, until you have 8 years’ experience.